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  • Model LMH424 hot air bottoming machine
  • Model LMH426 hot air bottoming machine
  • MH685 type baking machine
  • MH688-360 extra large baking machine -2
  • Model ASMA343 type drying machine
  • Model ASMA349 type drying machine
  • LSMA347 type roll drying machine
  • LMH692 cold rolling batch dyeing machine
  • LMH691 intelligent wet steaming dyeing combination machine
  • MH903 type reduction steamer

Jiangdu Dyeing and Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd.with more than forty-year history is committed to the optimized design and manufacture of hot air padding mangle and curing machine,humbly accepts beneficial recommendation from the users to serve the users with increadsingly perfect products. 

change with each passing day is the trend of the history,energy saving,while emission reduction is the dyeing and printing industry,Jiangdu Dyeing and Printing…


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